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Friday, March 19, 2010

Thursday, March 18th

Today brings beautiful weather, and some frustrations.  No photos, as there is nothing new to see.  There are a few more radishes popping up, but nothing else has sprouted, still.

Worse, while watering the corn and onions, the water started opening a hole, and draining downwards.  OH, NO!!!  A gopher hole!!!!  And we put the garden where it is as we have not seen any gopher activity in that area!!

I hope the little varmint has not eaten the seeds!  I would really prefer not to have to start all over again.  If I do, it will be a lot more prep work, and will cost money, too, as my remaining option will be to create raised planting beds with hardware cloth (like chicken wire, but much finer mesh) lining the entire bottom insides of the boxes!! 

Arrrgghhh!  I do not want to have to 'go there.'  Wish me luck!

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