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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday for weeding

Today, I got the area all weeded.  Nice to have such soft, sandy soil:  the weeds come out easily, the rakes and weeding-claws work with very little effort.

The down side:  watering, watering, watering, as the soil is very porous, and the water drains through quickly.

However, With the weeds all gone, it will be easy to keep up with the stray that poke their heads up.  The thing about weeds that is nice is this:  they belong to a class of plants that do not care to be transplanted.  So, disturb and uproot them, and you can leave them lie--they will not grow back.  The trick is, you must fully uproot them, getting all of the root out of the soil.  If you just break off the tops and leave the roots, that does not count.  It amounts to a pruning and the weeds 'like' it, and will rebound quickly.

Aesthetically, you probably want to take them out, and dispose of them either in a compost pile or in your city's green-waste pickup, if you have such a thing.  We are lucky, there--the city picks up the green waste, they do the work of composting it--and it gets used in the parks.  Green trending all around.  I must admit, however, that while I'm all for ecological consciousness, I am getting a bit weary of  "green" as the latest buzz-word...... ... so, to rebel, today's post is done in purple!  Hee hee hee!!


P.S.  If you please, visit my Etsy friend's blog by clicking HERE .  Her daughter is facing very serious surgery, and mom would like to have her receive a flood of postcards while she is in the hospital.  Read both the Thur. 3/11 and Fri. 3/12 posts for full details. (Friday's is an abbreviated nutshell, not the whole story.
Thank you so much.  I know it would mean so much to her.  She is NOT asking for money or anything else..only the postcards.
Please also pass the word, but please reference this post, so folks will know it is genuine, and can cite a reference point. Thanks!

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