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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Foot-Tapping Thursday...

Well, well, well.  Yes, "deep" subject, I know!  Had to water the veggie garden today, because even though it rained recently, our soil is very sandy, and water drains through very fast.  In the middle of the hot season, I would not be surprised at having to water twice a day!

There are no sprouts peeking out yet, and I am tapping my foot impatiently.  The radishes and green onions promised "germination in 2-4 days" on the seed packets.  I'm waiting....it has been over 2 days!  LOL  The corn says not for 14 days...ok, that's 2 weeks...so It has a ways to go before I start looking for little green things poking up from the soil.

My main challenge with the initial sprouts will be to make sure to distinguish between vegetable sprouts and weed spouts.  Don't want to accidentally pull out any keepers!

Since there is nothing new to show, and I have no photos, that's it for today's post.  Short and sweet.  Just journaling to stay abreast of the topic. 


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