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Friday, March 26, 2010

Garden Progress Report

WE HAVE CORN!!  Yay!  After much waiting and watering and watching and hoping, the corn has finally sprouted!  We now have shoots about half an inch to an inch tall.  Yippee!   In the first photo, at left, it still looks like barren dirt and sand, but in the medium-close-up, you can see a sprout or two. 

Finally, in the extreme close-up shot below, you can see that it is quite well sprouted, and on its' way! 

What's up with the eggplant, though?  Supposed to germinate in 10-20 days--it's been more than that, and still all I have in the pots is naked potting soil!  Grump, grump!

Radishes are growing nicely..although, once they popped through, and grew to a certain size, the growth rate seems to have slowed considerably..at least in the leaf structure.

I think it is about time to sow the second round,  in order to have continuous crops.  This is going to be a wonderful summer season with all kinds of fresh goodies to eat!  I think I may also add some carrots to the mix! 

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