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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Another Day in the Vegetable Patch

Well, Folks...

    It seems I got impatient waiting for things to sprout.  We just happened to be at the "hardware" store (OSH--has a lot more than just hardware!), getting something entirely unrelated to gardening, and wouldn't you know, they had tomato plants out front.  Hmmm.  Must be a trap!  LOL  Hubby suggested I should get some, since I like them, even though he does not.  At the prices they've been in the stores, I agreed.

    That was bad enough, but then we made the mistake of looking around at the other set plants.  Oh, dear!  I ended up with basil, parsely, two types of tomato plants, yellow bell peppers and lemon cucumbers!  Oh, I knew it!  The tomato plants were a trap!


Left, tomato plants set out: 1 "Sweet 100" and 1 "Early Girl"
Right, tomato cages in place.

Left photo, leftmost plant is yellow bell pepper, right-hand plant is lemon cucumber

Right photo, the herbs, 2 left pots are curly parsely, the right pot is sweet basil. 

I decided to 'containerize' the herbs, as I've had some herbs before, and my experience is that in the ground, they want to go wild and take over the world.  I had both mint and rosemary behave that way, so these are being curtailed, just in case. 
As you can see, by the time I got things planted, I was starting to lose the light, and had to snap my pictures quickly. That's why the herb pots look such a mess..had not had the chance to rinse down the outsides yet.

Can't wait on the basil and parsely...yummmmy...fresh pesto!!

The bell peppers and lemon cukes are an experiment.  Have no idea how they will grow or behave.  Time will tell.

But now, I actually have green things growing to take care of..it will make the waiting on the others seem less tedious.  Tomorrow, it is supposed to be 70 degrees...perfect weather for getting out there and taking care of the remainder of the weeds.


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