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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Weather Delays!

Well, wouldn't you know!  Just because I'm all ready to go, geared up and excited to start my new veggie garden, the weather keeps halting my progress.

It poured rain again all day yesterday, and today is off and on.  The sun is trying-- but I need it to try harder!  Today, I was working alone on the ceramics bisque orders, cleaning the green ware.  Because of being alone, I worked 2 hours extra than normal.  Oh, well.  It is getting done, and I will probably have to work on that some more later on.

Meanwhile, just for a spark of visual interest, here are the seed packets I have ready and waiting:

They are on the kitchen island, within a one-step grabbing distance of the back door.  We bought them while grocery shopping.  I was mildly surprised to find seeds at the grocery store, and even more surprised  (and pleased!) when a perusal of my receipt showed vegetable seeds to be food-stamps eligible.  Good to know.  Every little bit helps in these days of financial struggles.

I also need to go grocery shopping again...(seems like we just did that--the day we bought our seeds!)..but all of that is also taking time from my garden project. There are just not enough hours in the day, especially for me, a very decidedly non-morning person. No matter how hard I try, I just cannot seem to get it together and accomplish anything useful much before noon.  Work or putter around on things until midnight or after?  Sure.  No problem!  That means the gardening will have to come first, and everything else (indoor tasks) relegated to later in the day, when and where artificial light is avaialble.

More to come....

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