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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Here we go again...

Every day I am amazed anew at the very basic, elementary education that seems to be missing amongst adults who ought to know better. Frankly, I am shocked.

This "Oh, well, so what? No big deal!" attitude is just plain scary. For if folks are that apathetic about their very language, then they are likely to be just as apathetic about what the government is up to--and that is extremely dangerous territory. The little things do matter, and it is not just about some "old folks" being nit-picky.

The most recent bunch of offenders deal with people seeming to not know the difference between anatomy and action; between possession and position or action; between understanding and denial, or between geometry and theology.

Let's examine these in the order in which I mentioned them:

Anatomy: Heel. The rear-most part of the foot, just below the ankle. My heel hurts.

Action: Heal. To make well or cure. The medicine will heal the illness.

Possession: Their. The book belongs to them: it is theirs.
Position/Action: They're--a contraction for 'they are.' They are (They're) here. They're going
home soon. They're sick.

Understanding: Know. Knowledge--to be aware of and understand something.

Yes, I know the answer.
Denial: No. No, you may not use the car.

Geometry: Angle. In a game of pool, you use many angle shots.

Theology: Angel. An angel is a winged being of many religious beliefs.

And that's class for today. Please take care to use the correct forms of words. It is important. The wrong word changes the entire meaning, at best, from just not making sense; to the other extreme: at worst, the wrong words have caused wars.

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  1. Along with angle/angel is the frequent invitation to dinner that includes "You and a quest." Wait, I can't go if I don't have a quest? Ok, I'm on a quest for better grammar. Now can I go?

    Also, a friend emailed that he asked if the restaurant could provide a "glutton-free" meal. Excuse me, are you a glutton? I'm afraid you'll have to leave.

    I hadn't noticed heel/heal. Capital and capitol, however, is confusing.

    Don't let me get started on "myself"!
    ~ Tabbymom Jen