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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Let's Have Some Comic Relief

  • 10: Wearing a bikini anytime after age 25

  • 9: Believing there is no film (or card) in the camera someone aims at you when you are acting goofy.

  • 8: "Knowing" there is film (or a card) in the camera you grab for your kid's birthday party.

  • 7: Jumping into a public swimming pool and trusting that no one .... welllll.. you know.....

  • 6: Believing no one will notice what you 'let go' in the elevator. :-

  • 5: Thinking the dip will stay on the chip all the way to your mouth.

  • 4: Believing the doctor will see you at the actual time of your appointment.

  • 3: Flushing a public toilet and believing it will "swallow."

  • 2: Throwing a bowling ball down the alley, and believing the machine will give it back.

And, the Number One definition for an "act of faith:"

  • Dropping a letter in a mailbox and believing it will arrive at its destination.

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