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Monday, August 27, 2007

Corporate Greed--Just One Example


To Wit:

We pay for cable or satellite TV "service," and for this "privilege," we pay to have a ton more commercials piped into our homes than are on the "big 3" networks.

Why are we paying to watch commercials? Not only are there a LOT more commercials, but they grow daily more stupid and insulting.

Next, we get to select from a bogus array of "over 6,000 channels"...but no one stops to think about this:

Why do we need so many MUSIC channels on TV, which is a visual medium, (and a high percentage of the offerings are not even music videos.)...If all we wanted to do was listen to music, we can turn on the radio or play a CD!! HELLO??????? is anyone home????

As far as the "huge number of channel choices" offered, in point of fact, this spectacular number of "choices" amounts to no more than dozens of duplications of the same programs and channels that appear elsewhere in the lineup ..

For this we pay extra for satellite or cable? What has happened to our powers of logic and reason??

Next come the 'packages' they offer: no matter what fancy names they bestow, it amounts to paying extra to watch the programs that we are really interested in. Instead of simply offering each customer the specific channels they would like, down everyone's throat are crammed dozens of other channels in which they have no interest at all. Believe me, the technology does exist to pipe in just what the customer wants, without forcing undesired "options" upon them in a "package."

All of this is bad enough, until you consider the acutal choices worth watching, and how slim the pickings are! It used to be that the TV season ran all fall, winter and spring, and the re-run 'season' was summer only. Now, the various producers seldom create more than 5 or maybe 10 episodes (if we are very lucky), and re-run them endlessly all the rest of the year!!

The final insult comes in the form of PPV (Pay-Per-View) selections. Not only are we already paying for a lot of nothing, but now they want us to pay an extra premium to watch the movies on these channels...and these PPV channels make up a large number of the so-called "array of choices."

The movies offered here are not first-run, they are not movies that have made it to TV prior to being released on DVD--they are old movies, that most people have either already seen, or were not interested in seeing in the first place.

Why should we pay an extra $5. to watch a pay-per-view OLD movie, when we could use any of the various rental services (in-store or by mail) and watch it for less money! (Or, if we really want to re-watch movies, we can purchase a copy for ourselves for less than the price of paying PPV several times over!)

Keep your eyes open, folks...cable and satellite TV are only the tip of the iceberg--this sort of thing is rampant in our culture today. Let's all do our part to turn things around! Pass this on to as many people as you can!

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